ECS Test Simulator with official questions. Health, Safety and Environmental Assessment

The information in this guide is for ECS Health, Safety and Environmental Assessments taken from 1st
October 2017.
The electrotechnical industry is constantly striving to improve the Health and Safety awareness of everyone
who work in the industry.

The Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Health and Safety Assessment
was introduced in 2002 in compliance of the Electrotechnical Certification Scheme’s affiliation to the
Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) that requires anyone obtaining or renewing an ECS
Identification Card to demonstrate an acceptable standard of health and safety knowledge.

The Assessment
The ECS Health, Safety and Environmental Assessmentsis made up of 45 multiple choice questions drawn
randomly from the question bank to be completed in 30 minutes. Each question will require one correct
answer to be picked from a choice of four.

The assessment will be made up from questions covering eleven topics. The numbers of questions that will
be used from each topic are:

  • General Health and Safety at Work 6
  • Manual Handling Operations 4
  • Reporting Accidents 3
  • Personal Protective Equipment at Work 4
  • Health and Hygiene 3
  • Fire and Emergency 4
  • Work at Height 5
  • Work Equipment 4
  • Special Site Hazards 3
  • Electrotechnical 6
  • Environmental 3

To successfully pass an assessment, 38 out of the 45 questions must be answered correctly.
Passing the assessment demonstrates that the minimum required level of health and safety knowledge has
satisfactorily been passed.

Listed below are the areas of knowledge that will be assessed.

1. General Health & Safety

2. Manual Handling Operations

3. Reporting Accidents

4. Personal Protective Equipment at Work

5. Health and Hygiene

6. Fire and Emergency

7. Work at Height

8. Work Equipment

9. Special Site Hazards

10. Electrotechnical

11. Environmental

Please note: This is a test simulator for the ECS Test required for electricians, not the Citb Health, Safety and Environment Test required for the CSCS card.