Model scrisoare de intenţie assistant manager în engleză


Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name:

I address you this letter of intent as a result of a job announcement published on, which mentioned the existence of an Assistant Manager opening at your company. I am very much interested in the work environment established by your organisation and I want to contribute to your company’s development through my own, competent work and professional skills.  I also believe that a position within your company would help me develop and expand the skills I already possess.

I attended many courses and internships which allowed me to acquire a broad professional experience. I benefit from a year’s experience in managing a notary’s office as well as from a university education, as resulted from the attached resume.

I hope that my knowledge of basic accounting, my communications skills, my editing and technography abilities and advanced level of knowledge of English as well as my computer skills developed during college, recommend me for a place in your team.

While documenting about the activities of your company, I noticed with satisfaction that your profile and achievements fully meet my professional aspirations. Please consider my application for obtaining the job of assistant manager.

I am available for the next step in the recruitment process.



[Contact data]

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