Curriculum – Catalin Virgil Baluna


First name : Catalin
Middle name: Virgil
Surnames: Baluna
Address: Northampton
Mobile: (+ 44) 7949 520 109
Nationality: Romania




AQP CSCS Card – Academically Qualified Person

ECS Health and Safety Assessment


Romanian: Mother tonge
English: Upper-Intermediate


●June 2004 – March 2008  Teleuniversitatea TV,  Craiova, Romania

System Engineer

Information Systems, Design and Implementation

DC Servers, (openLDAP + Samba) DNS/DHCP server DataBase Servers (Mysql, openLDAP, Oracle) Applications Servers (Apache, TomCat)

Networking, Design and Implementation

Monitoring System Wireless Systems, hotspot Security System

Linux/Unix Servers Administration:

Red Hat, Centos, Suse, Debian, Ubuntu, AIX, OpenBSD


Routing, Switching, VPNs, VLANs, DMZ, Firewall , Radius server


XEN, VmWare, VirtualBox


Nagios, Jfnms, wireshark


Oracle, MySql, openLDAP, PostgreSQL


SAN, iSCSI, PcBackup

Computer & Network Instructor:

Hardware (build personal & servers computer) Operating Systems , Linux & Windows Networking

●March 2008 – Octomber 2018  PRO TV,  Bucharest, Romania

Editor Video

Image Editor at PRO TV News.

Over the years, we have also mounted various broadcasts on PRO TV such as: “Romania, te iubesc!”; “Ce se intampla doctore?” “Ilike IT”; “Dupa 20 de ani”.

●June 2017 – August 2018  RAVIMIRO EXPERT SRL,  Bucharest, Romania

Electrical Enginner 

Present Responsible for installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical wiring, equipment, and fixtures. Ensuring that all work done is in compliance with Health & Safety regulations.

Provided advice to customers and managers, both in writing and verbally, regarding dangerous equipment, and the prioritisation of work.

Electrical Maintenance Worker 

Diagnosing, fixing and locating electrical faults using hand tools and test equipment. Checking & testing circuit breakers and replacing them where necessary.

Undertaking electrical installation and routine maintenance work. Carrying out new project work, design and installation.

Understanding work instructions, technical drawings, and schematic diagrams. Maintaining and repairing all electrical equipment.

Working on ladders when necessary, sometimes in busy offices. Keeping all the paperwork properly up-to-date.

Connecting wires to transformers, circuit breakers, and other electrical components.

Responsible for all electrical and day-to-day tasks relating to maintenance.

Regularly using electrical tools and testing equipment such as ammeters, oscilloscopes, and test lamps.

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